Our Story

PARKER FAITH, my niece was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome.) She is my absolute world and best little friend. I have grown to learn so much about Down Syndrome and what it really is over the last several years. When creating this brand I knew I wanted to not only give back..but send a message and raise awareness  through it all as well. A message about mindset and not limiting yourself or others. Parker is 5 years old and her parents, as well as her entire family have the most positive mindset when it comes to her. We all want P to have the best life possible and do whatever she puts her mind to. 

 If you're reading this and you cannot relate to my story about Parker that's okay. Mindset is key in so many circumstances. When having the idea to create this brand of course I had no idea what I was doing and I definitely could not make it my full time job and focus. I knew that’s what I wanted though. I was sick of my 8-5 job and did something about it. I worked extra hours and long nights to get to where I COULD leave that job and live my life to the fullest. Doing what i love - THIS.

 Maybe it's a goal you want to reach in life or a team you want to make. Maybe it's a career you want or you may just want to learn to surf. Any of this is possible with the right mindset. Your only limit is YOU. Realizing that is so important. Life can be tough, things happen out of our control but it is up to YOU how you navigate through those heavy times and move forward. 

I hope this brand encourages you to be kind and compassionate to everyone and to love in full force. Remember you only live once. Live life for YOU and as always, STAY GOOD xx

Each purchase helps give back to the special needs community. Thank you so much for your support.